Design Services

We offer comprehensive design services utilizing Autodesk Inventor. From part and assembly creation, to sheet set detailing for fabrication, our team of skilled designers specializes in bringing your ideas to life.

  • Part & Assembly Creation

    Detailed part and assembly models that meet your specifications and requirements. Whether you need components for a product design or machinery assembly, our design services deliver accuracy and efficiency.

  • Sheet Set Creation & Detailing for Fabrication

    We excel in creating comprehensive sheet sets and detailed fabrication drawings for manufacturing/fabrication processes. From sheet metal components to structural elements, or machined parts, our design team ensures that every detail is accurately represented for efficient fabrication and assembly.

  • Piping Systems Design

    Our expertise extends to designing complex piping systems for various industrial and commercial applications. We develop piping layouts, routing configurations, and support structures that optimize performance and efficiency.

  • Bill of Material & Take-Off Creation

    We provide comprehensive bill of material (BOM) and take-off creation services to streamline procurement and bidding processes. Our detailed documentation includes part lists, material quantities, and even cost estimates.

  • Sheet Metal Design

    With expertise in sheet metal design techniques and software, we create precise components and assemblies for a wide range of applications. From enclosures and casings, brackets and fixtures, or product chutes and bins, our sheet metal designs are optimized for manufacturability and functionality.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    We offer finite element analysis services to evaluate the structural integrity and performance of mechanical or structural components and assemblies. Using advanced simulation techniques, we assess factors such as stress, deformation, and thermal behavior to ensure robust and reliable designs.