Drafting Services

Specializing in providing drafting services using Autodesk AutoCAD. Our team of experienced drafters excels in creating detailed and precise drawings for a wide range of applications, including office and facility layouts, industrial and process equipment layouts, process flow diagrams (PIDs & PFDs), demolition packages, sheet set creation & management, and dataset standardizations & conversions.

  • Office & Facility Layouts

    We create customized office and facility layouts tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you'e planning a new office space, warehouse layout, or other floor plan, our drafting services provide detailed representations of spatial arrangements and workflow optimization.

  • Industrial & Process Equipment Layouts

    Our expertise extends to designing layouts for industrial facilities and process equipment installations. From manufacturing plants to food processing facilities, we develop precise layouts that optimize space utilization, maintenance accessibility, and operational efficiency.

  • Process Diagrams (PIDs & PFDs)

    Comprehensive process diagrams (PIDs & PFDs) for various industries and applications. We depict the sequence of operations, equipment and device configurations, and material flows with accuracy and clarity.

  • Demolition Packages

    Detailed demolition packages for renovation and construction projects, including site plans, reference imagery, and hazard assessments. Our services ensure compliance with facility requirements and safety standards while creating a smooth execution of demolition activities.

  • Sheet Set Creation & Management

    We offer sheet set creation and management services to organize and streamline your drafting operations. From creating standardized sheet templates to managing revisions and annotations, our drafting team ensures efficient collaboration and documentation throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Dataset Standardizations & Conversions

    We assist clients in standardizing and converting datasets to meet specific or updated requirements and industry standards. Whether you need to convert legacy drawings to digital formats or standardize dataset formats for interoperability, our drafting services ensure seamless data integration and accessibility.

  • Printing Services

    Catering to sheet sets of all sizes, including up to ARCH-D size (36”x24”), utilizing high-quality HP and Epson printers, and available on a diverse range of print mediums.